Wow, Your Mom Really Is Crazy!

Wow, Your Mom Really is Crazy!
Wow, Your Mom Really is Crazy!

When my kids were little, I would sometimes feel beyond crabby. To keep from screaming at my kids when they were doing nothing wrong, I would say, “Mommy is feeling irritated right now. I need you to go into the other room until I calm down.” They would play in another room until I signaled the “all clear.”

One day, we were watching that evilist of all evil shows–gasp–Power Rangers. The dog-like alien commander–Anubis “Doggie” Cruger (Don’t even ask how I know that.), was just yelling at the Power Rangers, and they were getting in trouble for no reason. My youngest daughter said, “He needs to tell the Power Rangers to go in the other room so he can calm down.”

She totally understood what was going on. I was reminded of this story while watching a video interview of Carol Gray. The title of her book, “Wow, Your Mom Really is Crazy!” came about when her son’s friend let slip that her son thought she was crazy.  She was, in fact, suffering from a thyroid condition that took eight years to diagnose.

She has graciously allowed me to copy and paste the following post from her Crazy Thyroid Lady  blog.


I must admit, I have come a long way from being clueless and confused to cognizant and competent, since my autoimmune-thyroid-disease diagnosis more than ten years ago. My approach to taking on this disease has evolved over the years.

Through my thyroid autoimmune disease struggle, here are four things I have learned:

  1. It is MY body and I have to live in it –Finally, I realized no more putting up with doctors who are excessively conventional and lackadaisical in their approach of helping me with my healthcare. I also came to the realization that I should not have to apologize to anyone for not feeling well enough to do the things I could do previously…I cannot help you move, probably won’t be able to babysit your three toddlers all day, Hubby and son, you have to fend for yourself for dinner, Umm…I’m gonna say “no” to the all night kegger.
  1. Living a healthier lifestyle– A mal-functioning, diseased body needs extra care.  This only makes sense, but I have to tell you, I went along with this truth kicking and screaming. Don’t get me wrong, I did not completely make poor health choices, before diagnosis. I exercised regularly, but I never paid attention to how much gut health plays a MASSIVE role in healing and regulating the body. Some of my favorite foods (yet not fit for human consumption) processed meats, Gummy bears, funnel cakes, most of the items at McDonalds…had to bid them a not so fond farewell. And now I feel great!…(OK, I still eat gummy bears from time to time)
  1. Kept educating myself– So little is known about autoimmune diseases, and so few seem to know about the thyroid as well. It dawned on me one day…Hey, I need to figure a lot of this out myself, by listening to my body, instead of putting all my stock into a medical professional who may not grasp the full understanding of autoimmune thyroid healing. I was asking them questions they couldn’t answer. It took me awhile to realize the “answers” I was getting were actually “non-answers” (I think they thought I wouldn’t notice).

And, finally, one thing that’s remained the same over the last ten years is my ability to Go Crazy!







If you or someone you know has a thyroid problem, or you aren’t sure, check out Carol’s blog: by copying and pasting the link or by clicking here–Crazy Thyroid Lady

Her book: Wow, Your Mom Really is Crazy   is available on Amazon  and Barnes and Noble  in e book and print formats.

I hope this helps you, or someone you know, cope with this baffling condition. Also, please note, it took 8 years for her to get a diagnosis. If you have something wrong with your body, and the doctors can’t figure out what it is, the article above is especially important.


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  1. Catherine, I found the same to be true about unknown food allergies… and menopause. 😉 Your advice to retire to another room was perfect. So was Carol Gray’s wisdom on taking EXTRA care of your body as needed. Being aware (or finally becoming aware) is half the battle. Thank you for sharing her post!

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