Meet Author Kevin Davison

Author Kevin Davison
Author Kevin Davison

I met author Kevin Davison on a Facebook forum. He writes my kind of books, full of fantasy, heroes, revenge, undead, and mythical worlds shrouded in lore and mystery. I am not sure what a “vermin-kissed elf” looks like, but I put a gargoyle or two in my banner because that is what I picture when I read about them.  In the interview below, he refers to Tracy Hickman and JRR Tolkien. I definitely see their influence on his stories.

What is the driving force behind your current novel?

My most current novel, An Assassin’s Revenge,  was rereleased December of 2013 in second edition. What drove us to release the second editions of this series, was the loss of a dear friend and co-creator of several characters in the series, John Bradford. Memorializing him and what he meant to those closest to him was my goal when we discussed releasing the second edition versions of the Athyxian Chronicles Series.

What personality traits do you most admire in other authors?

Other authors either confuse me or grab me tightly with their writing styles. I admire the motivation that goes into writing any book. I respect all authors who are willing to go through the headache of publishing their creative art, (because writing is an art). Once the author’s work has been published, it is on public display to be judged, (and people don’t always play nice). In fact, I have noticed other authors and their faithful servants will go online and post negative reviews about their competition. The entertainment industry is “cut-throat.”

What do I admire most about other authors? I admire the respectful authors who help one another, and don’t feel threatened by other up-and-coming writers who are only trying to make their dreams come true. I admire the mutual respect of all writers who are willing to persevere without being negative towards others.

If you could offer a word of advice to an aspiring author who wants to venture down the road to self-publishing, what would you tell him/her? 

A word of advice to anyone who desired to publish, or self-publish their own wares would have to be never give up. If you have ever worked in sales, there is a saying, “every no brings you closer to that yes.” Keep that in mind as you submit your manuscript to professional publishers or literary agents. When all else fails, there is no shame in self-publishing. In fact, I have done better as a self-published author than I ever did when a large publishing company tried to market me.

Do you find inspiration in the works of other authors? If so, who and why?

My inspiration comes from my own personal creativity and childhood background. If I had to say I was inspired by other writers, then it would have to be those I have read in the fantasy adventure genre. Authors such as Margaret Weiss and Tracy Hickman; Piers Anthony; RA Salvatore; JRR Tolkien are just a few of my major icons.

 How would you describe the method behind your writing?

Most writing is plotted out, outlined, and or done via critical thinking practices learned in school. This practice does help bring out the story. I use this tactic sometimes, but on occasion I use a style many refer to as “chaos writing.” Basically, I write by the seat of my pants. It works for many, but for some it is too unpredictable.

Are you an aficionado of the great classical authors? Which one do you feel has left his/her mark on the world of writing and has changed the world the most? 

Am I an “aficionado” of any of the great classic authors?  I am. RA Salvatore has been my key author to read since I was in high school. If not for me finding an RA Salvatore book at Powell’s Bookstore in Portland, I probably would have never found the genre I enjoyed reading most. After finding RA Salvatore and noting how much I enjoyed his books, I also tried reading Piers Anthony books. Piers Anthony is the one author I feel has left the biggest mark in “MY” world.

 Is there any special preparation you take before you sit down to write?

Without giving away too many personal secrets, I do like to relax and make personal preparations prior to sitting down to write. I need to be focused. I have to have good music to listen to while I write. I prefer classic rock and sometimes techno tunes.

Which book you have written is your favorite and why? Is there a single character that stands out from the others? 

If I had to pick one of my own works as a favorite, currently it would be An Assassin’s Revenge. I think it shows what family is willing to risk to keep one another safe. There is no character that stands out more than others in my opinion, but a favorite in this particular book would have to be Aleiz Alvraloth. He hides his skills from others well, portraying himself as a mere thief. His friendly banter with Gilthanus is always entertaining to write.

Is there anything else you would like to share with the people who read this interview?

I survived childhood ailments such as epilepsy and cancer. All I had to keep my mind strong was my personal religion, and my imagination. This is where the roots of my writing career began.

Sometimes the deeds of a hero have nothing but good tidings and positive effects in the world. On rare occasions negative repercussions follow. In the case of the heroes of Athyx vengeance follows. The villains who survived the wrath of the heroes plot their revenge. Celeste shows her true colors and power as she makes a pact with enemies of the heroes to aid her in a divine mission she was assigned to complete by her goddess, the Crimson Lady. Things don’t go as Celeste plans and two heroes will be devastated because of this.

Kevin C. Davison had always been an imaginative individual. He enjoyed making up stories ever since he could speak as a child. He wrote a few short stories throughout his elementary school years as well as poetry. During his childhood he had epilepsy and was afflicted by cancer. At times his imagination was all that kept Kevin going. Having spent a lot of time in the hospital writing was pretty much all Kevin had. He survived kidney cancer at the young age of ten and has been in remission. Kevin didn’t conquer epilepsy until he was in his mid-twenties. His afflictions never held him back.

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