As You Are At Christmas

This makes book 7 on my 25 book goal.

In this fun romance, Davalynn Spencer weaves the story of a grandmother’s plot to bring her granddaughter together with her handyman. Angela, a third grade teacher, spends every Christmas at the Victorian boarding house run by her grandmother, Mollie. This Christmas, Angela is nursing a broken heart after catching her long-time boyfriend with another woman. Ever the matchmaker, Mollie introduces Angela to her handyman, Matt and conspires to bring them together as many times as possible during the ensuing holiday. Although Angela and Matt know what is going on, they play along to humor this woman they both love. The result is a sweet story about finding love where it is least expected and a lesson that Jesus always accepts us “as we are” at Christmas and every other time of the year.

This story appealed to me first and foremost because Angela has a high self-esteem and isn’t desperate to fall in love with just any man. In fact, at one point when Mollie sends her on an errand with Matt, Angela feels uneasy about going someplace out of town with a man she doesn’t know.

A second, equally appealing, feature is the humor. I smiled or laughed several times at the mishaps that occurred. One in particular, involving guests at the inn, makes me smile even now.

I found it refreshing to read a story without sex or sexual expectations on the part of the characters, with a plot that involved family love, traditions, and a soft, but clear, message about Christ.

Also, since the story involved baking and Victorian decorations, I thought about my friend Kim’s (  Posts: The Trip of a Lifetime and Boxing Day Memories.

I won this romance from Linda Glaz through a contest on the Heartline Literary Agency website. You can purchase the Kindle version on Amazon for $2.99.

4 thoughts on “As You Are At Christmas

  1. Catherine, sincere thanks for the shout out, especially in relation to this novel. My goal as a writer is to tell a compelling story without sensationalism, “fluff,” or graphic details. (Entirely possible… but then, all things are possible, yes?) This truly was an encouragement to me — and now I want to read that book! Thanks again. xo

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