Fuchsia Journal Science Experiment

This is a branch of Fuchsia 2, two weeks ago. It shows how healthy the plant was.

Try spelling Fuchsia correctly over and over when your mind and fingers keep telling you to spell it Fuschia. You will then understand why I may have misspelled it once or twice on my Fuchsia Journal Page.

On the page, I am chronicling my efforts to save my two fuchsias which have been reduced to sticks with not leaves. Check back once-in-a-while to see if they “Bloom and Flower” again or if I throw them out.

New Books

Fluffy Editing

Two people asked me to co-write books with them. I said, “Yes,” to both, of course.  One book should be ready for publication in a year, and the other in two to three years as the second book is going to require a lot of research. The LORD appears to have opened several doors at once for me to do this.

First, He provided me with a part time job. I had a great job as a bookkeeper. I loved everybody I worked with, the hours were good, and the work changed constantly–which kept me from getting bored. For personal reasons, I resigned from that job in May; my official last day was in June. A part time job which begins this fall will leave time for me to at least get started on the books.

Second, He has provided resources and ideas. A format for the first book has presented itself which is going to make the book so cool once it is finished. As for the second book, I have been struggling for the last year with finding sources. This month, I found three! I am so excited.

Don’t worry, this blog isn’t going to be all “churchy” and “religious.” The LORD is playing a huge role in these books, as He does in all of my work, so I want to make sure I give Him credit for this opportunity.

What are the books going to be about?  I am not ready to reveal that, yet. Keep reading my blog for clues, and tell me if you figure it out.



ReInventing My Website

I am reinventing my website. As my Internet is painfully slow, this will take a while. I will have it up and running asap.