Pitch or Keep

Pitch or Keep
Pitch or Keep

I am afraid of bees. One day, I was walking toward the house from the garage when this huge bumblebee buzzed right in my ear. I moved a little faster, frantically looking around. Even though I couldn’t see a bee, the buzzing stayed right with me. Of course, I started running.  When I saw my husband walk out of the house with his cell phone, I realized it wasn’t a bee. He asked what I was doing; I reluctantly admitted that I was running away from my cell phone.

In the words of The Waif on Game of Thrones: Is it the truth, or a lie?

After having this blog for about four years, I have reached this conclusion: I don’t have anything new or Earth shattering to offer the world.  People are often curious about how to become an author, self-pub or otherwise. I am not an expert since my first, self-published, book sold about 20 copies, but I intend to chronicle my adventure in this next go-round.

So, to reboot my writing career, what is the first thing I did?

  1. Buy a new notebook and a bunch of pens. (I do still use those sometimes. It focuses my thoughts.)
  2. Drag out my thumb drives so I could start editing old story ideas.
  3. Begin the sequel to Until Jerusalem.

None of the above. I started exactly where I left off a year ago on this blog:  cleaning. Having an organized house is my #1 priority. The more clutter I can dump, and the more organized I can get, the more time I will have to write.

So, the laundry is organized (as of May 2015). What’s next?

Play a fun game I call “Pitch or Keep.”

This game is simple. I go through the house, room by room, and make a pile of everything I want to pitch. Then, my husband then goes through the stack, taking out anything he wants to keep. I have done this so many times over the years that I didn’t have a lot to pitch this time. My husband has played so many times that he has started saying, “Just get rid of it.”

I boxed up our VHS. Before throwing them out, I am going to make a list of what we have. We will gradually purchase any that we would like to own on Blu-ray or “in the cloud.” I haven’t decided what to do with the home movies on VHS, so they are stored again.

Now that the laundry is organized, and extraneous items are out of the house, I am beginning to focus on writing. . .and the yard which is a topic for an upcoming post.

FYI: The story above is true. I wouldn’t tell it, but I needed a funny story to start this blog post.



Step One. . .

Where did all this dirty laundry come from?
Where did all this dirty laundry come from?

Many people become frustrated when trying to organize because they try to do too much at once. I suggest conquering one thing at a time.  I would start with laundry. I mean real laundry. If you want to take everything out of your closet and get rid of the stuff you haven’t worn in a year, etc., go ahead, but I wouldn’t start there. Laundry is one of the things we women complain about most. And the thing we seem to have the hardest time managing.

Take it from me, and from my first roommate, my sister, and from my college roommates, and from my after-college friends: laundry is a big challenge for me. When I was living at my parents’ house, the solution was easy:  shove everything under the bed.

In college, however, there isn’t much room under the bed, so my friend/roommate JoLynn* and I invented the washer closet. Throw whatever you have worn on the floor of the closet, and when you pick it back up, it is clean. Sweatshirts can be worn longer between washings if you simply turn them inside-out. JoLynn and I got along fine with our mess, until we moved into a triple with Sharon*. Sharon was really neat. There was an imaginary line on the floor of our room. On one side was JoLynn’s and my mess, on the other side was Sharon’s neatness. To this day, I don’t know how Sharon survived that year.

When I moved into my own apartment, things were not much better. If someone wanted to sit on the couch, I put the laundry on the floor. If more than two friends were coming over, I shoved the laundry–yep, under the bed and into the closet.  One time I cleaned my apartment, actually cleaned it, before my friends came over. They said, “Catherine, you have a real floor!”

I want to interject that my rooms/apartments were never dirty or smelly. I just had a hard time managing the laundry–and the dishes, but that’s another blog post.

Here are some steps you can take to make the laundry more manageable:

1.  Buy enough pop-up hampers that you can put each load into it’s own hamper. We have a hamper for bathroom towels, etc., a hamper for dishtowels and dishrags (alright, cloths, my family always called them dishrags no matter how nice they were), a hamper for jeans, one for socks and t-shirts, one for whites, one for darks, etc., however you sort. I think we have 10 hampers. I know, that seems extreme, but it makes laundry a lot more manageable. When you have dirty clothes, just throw them into the appropriate hamper. When the hamper starts getting full, throw the clothes into the washer.

2.  Buy a TON of hangers of all kinds. Ones with the notches for tank tops, sturdier ones for sweatshirts, and ones with the clips for pants. I use plastic. I’m not into the fancy stuff. When you take clothes out of the washer, put them immediately on hangers–that is, if you have a clothesline. Let them dry on the hangers and then put them in the closets. If you use a clothes dryer for your clothes, hang them immediately out of the dryer. Resist the temptation to put them in a basket.

3. Buy enough clothes baskets.  We have about seven or eight. If we take socks, towels, etc., out of the dryer, and don’t have time to put them away, we leave them in the baskets. They are still already sorted and are neatly and easily stored in a bedroom until there is time to deal with them. If you have cats, you will have to store them in a cat-free zone, or there will be cat hair sticking to you when you towel off after your shower.

4.  Teach your kids to do laundry. My daughters have been doing laundry since the age of 10.  I started them off with towels and taught them to sort the towels (when I say towels, I mean towels, washrags (again, washcloths) and hand towels) into dark and light loads to help the learn the idea of sorting.  They graduated to jeans (washed inside out after checking the pockets) then t-shirts. By the age of twelve or thirteen, they were helping me keep up with the family laundry. By the time they were in high school, they were doing their own laundry.


There are a few rules to go along with teens doing their own laundry:

-I bought each of my daughters three towel sets. When they get to their last clean towel, they know they have to throw in a load of towels–everybody’s towels, not just their own.

-No partial loads. If someone has a partial load, they have to include other family members’ laundry in with it. Yes, they pull their clothes out of the sorted hampers and wash just their clothes unless they have a partial.

-Everyone washes his/her own underclothes, and we don’t combine loads on those.

5.  You have to have enough closet and drawer space. If you don’t, have enough space, buy some containers and store your clothes in those, under the beds. Again, have specific clothes go into each container so that you aren’t searching around for what you need.

If it takes you 6 months, I highly encourage you to make taming the laundry the first step. It will free up an amazing amount of time, especially if everyone, not just one person, is throwing in the towels. (I just had to put that pun there.)

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Where to Start. . .

Cats are organizational whizzes.
Cats are organizational whizzes.

I have heard so many people say, “I thought I was going to get so much done this weekend, and I’m not getting anywhere.”

Part of the reason most of us don’t get anywhere is, we don’t know where to start, or we start in the wrong place. If you are going to have an organized life and home, you need two things–and, get this, you DON’T HAVE TO BUY THEM.

1. A vision. If you are organizing your home, you need a vision for how you want your home to look organizationally.  Do you like a sparse “I don’t have anything out” look or do you like a more “I have a lot of stuff out but it is neatly arranged” look? I personally like both and have had both at one time or another in my life. Right now, I am going for the “Sparse, I don’t have anything out” look. It takes less dusting–yeah, I am one of those old ladies that at least fantasizes about having a dust-free home.

2. A phrase that sticks in your head so that when you look at your home or think about buying something that will go in your home, you think of it  in terms of your phrase. I have two.

One is from my sister, who has moved at least three times in her adult life. She went into my attic one day, a long time ago, and said, “If you ever buy a new house, how will you ever move all of this?”

The other is from a friend’s daughter.  When she would go shopping, she would look at something she wanted to buy and think, “Do I really need that?” I now say to myself about a lot of potential purchases, “You don’t need that.”

There are so many blogs, books, and resources about organization out there, that my voice is just one of millions. However, since I am currently writing two novels, working full-time, and have two kids, organization is at the top of my list. I hope this and my future posts help you to get organized and stay that way so that your time is free to do other things. . .like write that best-selling novel you’ve been thinking about all these years.

About the cat, Jacob is one of his names. He and my other cats help me organize because I put away all of the items on which I do not want cat hair. Also, I put away anything I do not want pushed onto the floor for the dog to find.


Until Jerusalem on Sale

Until Jerusalem is on sale for $0.99 as an ebook.  If you want to find out what happens to Michael and Chance, leave me a message. I do not share emails with anyone. I also don’t send anything to your email address except a reply to your comment.


Exposed by Authoress Terry E. Lyle


Reading the book Exposed by Authoress Terry E. Lyle is a little like reading someone’s diary. In the words of Authoress Lyle, “Exposed is a look into those areas that are usually off limits.”

Like two song birds warbling and answering, the poems of Authoress Terry E. Lyle (TL) and her co-author Editor Jim Swettenham (JLS) weave a melody, sometimes jarring, sometimes sweet, always exposed.

Authoress Terry E. Lyle invites you to “Take the journey with me as I keep it real and bring awareness to the ugly side of our emotions.”

All of these poems are full-length, some several enjoyable pages long. For this post, I am using excerpts.

The first song TL sings is called “CELEBRITY CRUSH,” but it speaks of the problem many women and young girls have: obsession with a man or relationship to the exclusion of all else. The poem is almost excruciating to read because it gives the feeling of watching helplessly while a friend goes to the nightmarish length some women will take to get the attention of a man who obviously is not interested.



The poem goes on to tell of the ugly consequences of obsessing over someone. And makes the reader wish she could have reached out to stop the madness.

In “YOUR CRUSH” JLS sings back the reality in the aftermath of the woman’s poor choices:




The poems “LATE AT NIGHT” and “TOSSING AND TURNING” show the difference between the way a man and a woman think.

The words of “LATE AT NIGHT” speak to an experience that most women have at one time or another.







The poem goes on to describe the nightmare of being alone and afraid.


In “TOSSING AND TURNING” JLS warbles back a typical male response:



That line made me smile. He seems to be saying, “You aren’t really scared; you just can’t sleep because you are thinking about me.”

The man in the poem does go on to offer comfort and advice to the frightened woman in a masculine, reassuring voice.

My favorite melodies (poems) are “IF I COULD MAKE A WISH” (TLS) AND “WISHING” (JLS)

TLS sings:



She goes on to describe what she wishes for her love and how joyful it would be for them to be together forever.

JLS responds




I love that imagery and how he echoes the woman’s poem with wishes of his own.

This back and forth poetry continues for 49 honest poems that span the range of human experience from broken hearts and rape trauma to finding sweet forgiveness and refuge in Christ as Savior.

(Author’s note, this book has honest sexuality and an open approach to sensitive topics. I suggest adults read it before allowing their children to read it.)


You can purchase Authoress Terry E. Lyle’s book on: http://www.terrylyle.com/

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You can listen to my interview with Terry E. Lyle live on Friday, September 26, 2014, between 6 and 8 Eastern Time on her blog talk radio program at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/authoress-terry-e-lyle

Quotes taken from Exposed by Authoress Terry E. Lyle. Pages vii, 5, 8, 79, 83, 105, 107. Used by permission.






Dark Days Remy Broulette

I decided to leave my manger up this year. The Joseph has been slowly turning on its own. In May, I noticed it was facing toward the camel. Now, in late August, it is turned fully backward. True Story. Seriously, Sam and Dean need to come investigate this one.

Speaking of Sam and Dean, they would have a Hay Day in the New Orleans of Hargrove Perth’s Dark Days: Remy Broulette. The mystery of this story and the way it unravels is worthy of several episodes of Supernatural.

Remy Broulette is a Nzumbe. From my understanding, a nzumbe is a person whose soul has been claimed by another and who is under the control of that person, but the Nzumbe also has a free will and can choose to disobey his master or mistress–with dire consequences. The Nzumbe can create the zombies of Haitian lore: soulless humans who mindlessly obey their masters. The manner in which Remy creates this cadre of zombies is at once fascinating and disturbing.

Remy’s true friend is Revel DeMarquis. From the beginning of the story, the fact that staying with Remy will most likely bring about Revel’s ultimate downfall is apparent. When discussing the story with my daughter, I said, “I don’t understand why people stay with people bent on self-destruction.” My daughter said, “Maybe he’s (Revel) loyal.” The story says, “. . .neither of them could begin to fathom how they could explain their existence or how they could exist without one another.” *

The stories of Voudoun Queen Anne Marie Laveau and Voudoun Queen Antoinette Moran, the soulless beings they create, and their unbreakable connection to Remy and Revel add flavor and suspense. The fact that the Nzumbe and Zombies are not the only undead creatures roaming the streets of New Orleans adds the tension of whether or not Remy’s irresponsible behavior will be tolerated because it puts everyone at risk.

Speaking of tolerating supernatural behavior, I  am going to leave the statue alone. At the rate it is revolving, it will be facing forward again by Christmas. That being said, if you do happen to see Sam and Dean, send them my way. The moving statue is a little creepy.

You can find Dark Days: Remy Broulette on Amazon by clicking on (or copying and pasting) the following link: http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=dark%20days%20remy%20broulette

Check it out at Barnes & Noble at : http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/dark-days-remy-broulette-hargrove-perth/1118425354?ean=9781939156433

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*Quote taken from: Dark Days: Remy Broulette, by Hargrove Perth. ©2014 Hargrove Perth. Ink Smith Publishing. Page 35.

Still Running by James Kerkula

I was in a store last week when the owner, a friend of mine, asked, “Are you still running?” I immediately thought of author and runner James Kerkula. His fascinating book about how he rose from poverty in Liberia, Africa, immigrated to the United States, started running marathons, and came to run an organization that promotes education for the orphans in Liberia has touched and inspired me, and it will you, too.

My interview with James follows.

When you read the book, you will understand why I am laughing while I ask the first question.

Me:  Are you still running?

James:   Yes, I’m still running!

Me:  What is the driving force behind Still Running?

 James:  The importance of understanding/cultivating personal positive-toughness (personal resilience) and relying on the grace of God (divine providence) is the heart or driving force behind the book.

(a)    Positive personal-toughness (personal resilience) begins with taking care of your personal health—body, mind, and spirit.

(b)   Divine providence begins with having a vision of God – i.e. knowing and acknowledging the role of God or infinite intelligence in human affairs

Me: Why is the education of our world so important to you?

James: I will start with this quote (by Horace Mann) on Page 11 of Still Running: Education then, beyond all other devices of human origin, is the great equalizer of the condition of men (women), the balance-wheel of the social machinery.

Formal education enhances personal resilience by enabling a person to better see and understand his or her world is connected to a larger national and global marketplace. Being able to navigate the larger marketplace is pivotal to overcoming personal challenges, including poverty. Knowledge is the engine that propels the world in the 21st Century; without it an individual, community, or country will be left behind. K- through-College education will help an individual find his or her own way, even in difficult times. Without it, personal resilience is near impossible. This is the thesis of Chapter Four of Still Running.

Me:  Please tell us about LEI.

James: The Liberian Education Initiative: African School of the Future (LEI) is a proposed K-12 education environment focused on college prep education, sustainable development, and servant-leadership for Liberia, a tiny West African nation founded in the 1800’s by free slaves from the United States. Liberia is emerging from a 14-year brutal civil war (1989-2003) that virtually destroyed the nation’s physical infrastructure and human capital, including its education system.

In addition to obtaining a strong preparation in literacy, mathematics, and science, students will acquire critical knowledge, skills, and attitudes derived from their direct participation in highly experiential alternative energy, science, and small-enterprise development projects.  Furthermore, social and business ethics, an important underlying foundation of nation building, will be integrated as an essential component of the academic curriculum. If successful, the school will eventually expand to a college-level institution—the University of Todee.

Me: How does running help you to achieve all that Christ has planned for you to do?

James: As articulated in Part III of Still Running, physical health is the cornerstone of all achievement, including one’s ability to serve Christ or lead a mission-driven life. Personally, running helped me to overcome a debilitating migraine. It helped me to turn a sick body into a picture of health. Like food for the body, running has become an indispensable ingredient component of my very existence that give me daily energy and fuels my drive to serve Christ and others.

Me:  Is there anything else you would like us to know about you?

James: I run a technical assistance organization – www.communitycapitaladvisors.org – which provides technical assistance to grassroots organizations and small enterprises. We organize K-12 schools and community development financial institutions in distressed communities.

Me: Is there anything else you would like us to know about your book?

James: The title of the book, Still Running may imply a how-to material on running; but the take away of the book is the role of divine intervention and personal resilience in human affairs. It is written from a Christian vantage point.

You can purchase James’ book on Amazon and Barnes and Noble in paperback and Kindle.  To reach them, click on the tabs above or copy and paste the following links:

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Still-Running-Intervention-Resilience-Life-Transforming/dp/1490831533/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1404098154&sr=8-1&keywords=still+running

Barnes and Noble: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/still-running-james-kerkula/1119249327?ean=9781490831534

And, in case you are wondering, my answer to my friend’s question mirrors James’ answer to me, “Yes, I am still running!”


Swept To Sea by Heather Manning

When I was in high school, my favorite book was The  Sword and the Shadow by Sylvia Thorpe. In the story, swashbuckling pirate Captain Crispin Barbican swears an oath to protect Lady Francis from her evil cousin by taking her to the West Indies. Romance and adventure ensue. I think I checked that book out from the school library and read it at least a dozen times. A few years ago, I bought it from a used bookstore.  When my daughter read the back, she made fun of me for reading a book whose main character was named “Crispy Barbecue.”

I have found a new pirate book to love:  Swept to Sea. In this romantic adventure, Lady Eden Trenton stows away on a pirate ship to escape her abusive fiancé.  When pirate captain turned privateer Caspian Archer discovers her aboard his ship, he promises to take her to the Caribbean. He doesn’t plan on what a handful Lady Eden will prove to be. Of course, Lord Rutger, Eden’s fiancé commissions a fast ship to pursue his prize, and when Eden’s friends Ivy and Aimee decide to hire their own captain to join in the game, a high speed race to be the first to find Eden follows.

I laughed sometimes while reading this. My favorite line in the book was: “It was such a sad thing he would grow up to be what she despised most: a man.”

The author, Heather Manning, is really talented at bringing characters to life, giving each one his or her own talents, idiosyncrasies, and flaws. She also has a talent for weaving romance–which is what I love in any novel. I now have two pirate romances to love, and to read over and over again.

You can find Swept to Sea on Amazon in Kindle for $3.99 and in paperback for $11.69.

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Dark Days Remy Broulette by Hargrove Perth

I have the privilege of doing a cover reveal and interview for Hargrove Perth (a.k.a. Candace L. Bowser) of her book Dark Days Remy Broulette released June 26, 2014.

Remy will have a promotion for the release on June 26th through Hargrove Perth’s publisher Ink Smith Publishing. Anyone who purchases the ebook and posts a review will be supplied the link to Rafflecopter where one lucky winner will get an autographed copy of the book, an original piece of signed art from her design company Dark Water Arts, and several other great prizes yet to be announced!

And, here it is:

Deception Murder Immortality It’s just another night in New Orleans….


Here is how our interview went with Hargrove Perth

Me:  What was the driving force behind your current novel?

Hargrove Perth: Dark Days Remy Broulette is centered around the Creole Voudoun Queens of early New Orleans at the time of the city’s founding. I have a fascination with the traditional style Creole/Haitian zombies who are born of magic and are not the flesh eating kind. New Orleans, at Remy’s hay day, was the perfect backdrop with the famous Madame Marie Laveau being one of the featured characters. She is the prime example of what a flamboyant, eccentric Voudoun Queen should be! All of my novels which feature immortals are unique in their creation. I wanted to create a new brand of immortal, one not seen in print prior to now, and thought that immortals created by Voudoun who existed on souls to survive would be a fantastic novel, and that is how it all began. Dark Days Remy Broulette will be taking the literary world by storm on June 26th 2014, through my new publisher Ink Smith Publishing!

Me: What personality traits do you most admire in other authors?

Hargrove Perth: Perseverance and having a thick skin are two traits I admire greatly. There can be so many nay-sayers out there – people who just have nothing good to say or take some type of perverse enjoyment out of taking someone’s dream and attempting to crush it. I call them trolls, personally, because they have nothing better to do than ‘troll’ the book world and find authors they can target. A lot of times I have seen it happen, and it has crushed the writer beyond belief – so having a thick skin and wanting to get on with writing despite being targeted is something to be admired.

Me: If you could offer a word of advice to an aspiring author who wants to venture down the road of self-publishing what would you tell them?

Hargrove Perth: Words of advice…well, don’t take criticism to heart, remember it is only an opinion, and every one has one. Don’t think you are going to become this over-night sensation because that just does not happen. You will work your tail off to be a success, and don’t expect success to come if you are not willing to put your blood, sweat, and tears into every book you write. How much you put into the publishing and promotion of a book is exactly what you will get out of it. Unless you can afford to pay some company to represent you, no one is going to do the promotion part for you. There are a lot of avenues out there you can utilize which are free – like Twitter and Facebook but remember to have a human side to it too! Don’t just post about books and what you are writing. Readers want to learn about you and who you are – that is just as important!

Me: Do you find inspiration in the works of other authors? If so, who and why…

Hargrove Perth: I do find inspiration in others, not only the classical writers of yesteryear but also in the modern self-published authors who have found their voice and are not afraid to use it.

Me: How would you describe the method behind your writing?

Honestly, my writing style is so chaotic it is difficult to describe. I have been known to write the end of a book before the middle is even touched. Sometimes I know the premise but don’t know where I want to take it and when that happens, I let the characters write the story. It usually works out the best that way.

Me: Are you an aficionado of any of the great classic authors? Which one do you feel has left their mark in the world of writing and changed the world the most?

Bram Stoker, Mary Shelley, Oscar Wilde – they were huge visionaries for their time. Writing in the era in which their books were composed was a time, when even the slightest innuendo was considered scandalous would have been amazing. So when Bram and Wilde wrote Dracula and The Picture of Dorian Gray, they were quite scandalous with their sexual undertones in the world of horror. They really set the road on fire, so to speak, and look at what we have now…

Me: Is there any special preparations you take when you are about to sit down and write?

Hargrove Perth: I drink a lot of coffee…and tend to have a soundtrack to every book I write that sets the tone. I listened to a good deal of Mozart and Bach when writing Remy. It just seemed to fit him.

Me: Which book you have written is your favorite and why? Is there a single character that stands out from the others?

Hargrove Perth: It is so hard to pick just one that is your favorite when you have as many books in print as I do (both under Hargrove Perth and Candace L. Bowser), but if I had to chose, right now it would be Remy. He is the vision of perfection and is half Choctaw and half French, that sleek black hair with green eyes..(swoon), but he is complicated and willful, torn and distraught, vengeful and forgiving. He is my favorite of all the immortals I have put to pen thus far.

Me: Is there anything else you would like to share with your readers?

Hargrove Perth: Being a writer is amazing, not only because you get to pursue your dream but also because you meet the most amazing readers and authors who become your fans, and without them writing is just writing! So if anyone wants to reach me, stop by my website and shoot me an email because I love interacting with my fans, answering questions, and doing impromptu give-aways!

Author Bio

Hargrove Perth writes dark romance, horror, and young adult horror. Her inspiration comes from the classic authors of the Victorian era who pushed the borders of writing through their semi-erotic dark novels. With a penchant for writing all things dark, her novels are an unusual blend of historical and fictional characters set in the past where her creations come to life in ways un-imaginable. A resident of the Mid-West, she refers to herself as a bit of a gypsy, never residing in one place too long to get bored. She currently has two books published with four more due to be released in 2014 and is an Amazon Top 100 Seller as well as an Award Winning Author.

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Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Hargrove-Perth/e/B00IIPYYMO


Smashwords:  https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/HargrovePerth


Half-Breed by Anna L. Walls

My pupper and I have a special bond. Wherever I am in the house, she is. When I go to bed, she lies down in the crate outside my bedroom door, even if the rest of the family is still awake. We even do sit-ups together. Her flat stomach can attest to the fact that when it comes to ab exercises, she doesn’t cheat.

Anna L. Walls’ novel, Half-Breed, also includes a special human-animal bond. Like a train moving slowly out of the station and picking up speed as it rumbles down the track, Half-Breed carries the reader to a place of rugged landscapes, slave traders, villains, and treachery pitted against benevolent goddesses, mutated humans, and immovable integrity.

Half-Breed begins in a post-industrialized United States ripped apart by a meteorite shower that has plunged society into a primitive existence. A genetically mutated breed of half-human, half-wolf and their Wulven counterparts also survived this natural disaster, along with Angela, the daughter of Brian–the man who cared for them and set them free when the meteorite shower began. Hundreds of years later, Canis, an eight year old who does not know he is a descendant of this wolf race, begins his journey to discovering the secret of his heritage.

When slave master Patro captures young Canis, he has no idea that he has added a deadly force of nature to his traveling caravan. Canis’ inexperience and vulnerable age prevent him from ripping through the group, destroying everyone in his path. Canis will grow, however. And with him will grow a power over life and death that none but he can contain or wield.

In this novel, I love how the half-breeds think like wolves would think. For example:

“Canis watched the tall man as he spoke. It was obvious to him
that Stanton didn’t like him very much. That information came
through in more ways than just what he said. His entire body
language spoke of detest, and his scent spoke of anger. Then again,
the likes and dislikes of other people was only information to be
aware of and filed away.” (Half-Breed, Page 72).

This different perspective adds a flavor to the story that is at once intriguing and delightful.

This story was a lot of fun to read. It is a “figure it out as you go along” story. This kind of story interests me because I like to guess what is really happening and predict what is going to happen. This story also has characters who attempt to hold to a line of absolute integrity and doing what is right, even if they fail, as all humans, and half-humans, do.

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